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Studio Sander

grafisch & illustratief ontwerp

Studio Sander 

grafisch & illustratief ontwerp

Studio Sander helps brands communicate thru clean and playful design. 

Hi there and welcome in my studio. I’m Sander: a versatile designer who enjoys helping brands become truly visible.

In my studio, I create visual communication for brands with a good story. Through clear concepts I help you to strengthen your brand. Whether it's a logo, brand animation or entire brand identity; I find something that fits you visually and allows your brand to speak for itself.
I work intuitively and like to take you through the design process. I've worked over 10 years in-house for several brands and design agencies and speak English like a madman: your brand is in good hands.

Curious for the look of your brand? Don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

My services:
•  Brand identities
•  Rebranding
•  Campaign concepts
•  Art-direction
•  Strategy
•  Package design
•  Graphic design
•  Illustration / infographics
•  Motion design

Clients (selection)

Brands: G-Star RAW, Zalando, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Loveland, Kilo, Campina, Added Pharma

Design Agencies: Natwerk, Lava, Total Design, Zeppa, Koeweiden Postma, RFT-O

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